A Brief History of the Winnipeg Jets

The Winnipeg Jets are a team that plays in the NHL and is based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It is one of the league’s Original Six teams. The Jets were founded in 1978 as part of the World Hockey Association (WHA) and played their first game in 1979. They were initially known as the Jets but changed their name to the Winnipeg Jets in 1996. The team has reached the Stanley Cup Playoffs five times, most recently in 2011.


They have been playing in the NHL since 1979. During that time, they’ve won 11 division titles and reached the Stanley Cup Finals twice, losing both to the Pittsburgh Penguins. The Jets play in the National Hockey League and are based in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Winnipeg Jets History 1978-1996

The Winnipeg Jets are one of history’s most iconic and successful ice hockey teams. Founded in 1978, the team relocated to Winnipeg in 1992 and changed its name to the Winnipeg Jets. In 1996, they won their first Stanley Cup championship – a feat that remains unrivaled today. The squad has made numerous appearances in the playoffs over the years but has never managed to win it all! Winnipeg fans have been eagerly awaiting another championship run – and with new roster additions in recent years, it seems like their time might finally be coming. So mark the date in your calendars, and prepare for some exciting hockey action in Manitoba!

Winnipeg Jets History 1997-present

 The team played its first season at the MTS Centre near downtown Winnipeg. Over the years, they’ve had several successful seasons, making it to the playoffs several times. In 2016, they finally made it to the Stanley Cup finals – but lost to the Pittsburgh Penguins in 5 games. The Winnipeg Jets are playing their home games at the new TFC Centre.

Winnipeg Jets – Franchise

The Winnipeg Jets are a Canadian ice hockey team with a long and successful history. Founded in 1999, the Jets reached the Stanley Cup playoffs for the first time in 2007 and have since made it all the way to the finals, where they lost to the Washington Capitals 4-3 in seven games. They also had many other successful seasons, notably in 2016-2017, when they reached the Western Conference Finals. As a franchise, the Winnipeg Jets have come a long way and are one of the most popular teams in the NHL. If you’re an ice hockey fan, you should check out their history and see what makes them unique.

Winnipeg Jets – Hockey Team

The Jets play in the National Hockey League (NHL) and are the current members of the Western Conference’s Central Division. The team has a rich history, playing their first season in 1969 as the Atlanta Flames. They reached their first playoffs in over 15 years in 2016 but were eventually defeated by the Pittsburgh Penguins in the Stanley Cup Finals. As a hockey fan, watching them progress and reach their goals has been exciting. Keep an eye out for their next moves – this team is one to watch!

The Winnipeg Jets play their home games at the MTS Centre.

The MTS Centre was officially opened on November 11th of, 1996, and has since become one of the most popular venues in the NHL. The Winnipeg Jets have had a tumultuous history. Still, they are one of the league’s most successful teams. They have won two Stanley Cup championships, in 1995 and 2007, and are currently in the playoffs.


Mick E., the previous Moose mascot, has been “recalled” by True North. Moose, an AHL player, is on the ice. Mick E. is a pseudonym used by the pseudonymous John Smith. For the last 15 seasons, he has entertained spectators at Moose games and public events with the Manitoba Moose of the International and American hockey leagues. Mick E. has made minor changes to his outfit, including a vintage leather aviation helmet. The Winnipeg Jets and Manitoba Moose both use Moose as a mascot. He is a popular figure among fans in Winnipeg and rural Manitoba, where he averages over 100 community appearances per season.

In the 2016 Heritage Classic, the current Jets resurrected their mascot, Benny. From 1986 to 1996, Benny served as the mascot for the Winnipeg Jets. He wears a B on the front of his jersey, whereas a C for captain or A for alternate captain would typically be worn. In honor of Ben Hatskin, the first owner of the Jets, and Elton John’s hit song “Bennie and the Jets.” He has since resurged as a secondary mascot for the current Winnipeg Jets.


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